2010 Minusinsk Children’s Home – “Green Patrol” Program in the camp “Talovka”

Summer was the happiest time which had been long waited for.  Children of our children’s home were looking forward to experiencing all the great activities that their teachers and sponsors had prepared for them. “Green Patrol” is the name of the summer program of the Unison (Young Leaders) Project. It is a part or subdivision of a bigger program called “Believe in Yourself”. Just like during previous years participants of the program were young leaders from 5 children’s homes of the Southern District of  Krasnoyarsk region and elementary school children from the Minusinsk children’s home. Total number was 30 people.

Along with specialists who organized and developed the summer program, leaders from the mentioned children’s homes took an active part in the preparation of the project. The young leaders worked as tutors with smaller kids.

From the very beginning, kids were involved in the camp life. All the new residents of the camp suddenly became sailors of a huge sailboat called “Green Patrol” The children’s group turned into the boat crew.

The first evening was a meeting night. Every group introduced their crew, the captain, boatswain, cook, sea cadets and every single sailor.

Then there were motto presentations, and the anthem of the sailboat was sung quite patriotically. Everybody had great fun and the crew gave a round of applause to all the newly organized teams.  

All the sailors took part in the project “Green Patrol in Action”. Exotic flowers were planted on the flower beds, trash was removed from the lake shore, and the territory of the camp was well taken care of. The famous Novel “The Little Prince” (Le Petit Prince) by Antoine de Saint Exupery was much talked about. The most important quotation from that book says “We are forever responsible for those we tamed…”

Every day started with fun morning exercises. The first morning wasn’t easy, but once the kids realized what great fun it was to charge your batteries early in the morning by the lake, everybody wanted to do it again and again!!!   Appetite and the spirits were equally excellent and high. The children were craving for creative activities and all the new experiences they could get! They wanted to have everything at the same time. They could go fishing, drawing, playing football or making something useful with their own hands as all kinds of tools were available. The camp project really helped to discover talented painters, skillful craftsmen, actors, artists and sportsmen of all kinds.

The main achievement was  “Tactile Alphabet Book” for blind children. The letters were made of natural materials and were easy to recognize by touch. The ABC book (Cyrillic) was presented to the participants of the program “Success Strategy” organized by the children’s fund “Victoria” at the recreation center “Shepsy” in the town of Tuapse on the coast of the Black Sea.

“Evening of Fairy Tales” was also a great success. Bonfire, the arrival of forest fairy, performances by the children were very touching and even somewhat philosophical. The main idea of the event was to increase children’s awareness of how fragile our environment is.  Nature must be looked after and it must be well taken care of. Children were making hypotheses and predictions about the future of our planet and about their own future. The staff members were glad to hear that the children described their future in bright colors and weren’t anxious about it.

Children and the teachers of Minusinsk Children’s Home from the bottom of their hearts would like to thank Michele and Wally Connor, Sergey Glukhov and all the people who contributed to the “Socks for Siberia” Fund for making a difference in lives of our orphans. Owing to your assistance, 30 children from 5 children’s homes of the Southern District of Krasnoyarsk region attended the camp on the lake where they acquired valuable experience of dealing with certain challenges such as developing the skill of making cozy home on a new place, ability to solve problems as a team etc. Realization of the program “Green Patrol” encouraged the children to search for extraordinary, nonstandard and creative solutions to all sorts of problems. There is no doubt this will contribute to their personal growth and presented the opportunity to live full lives in the situation different from the conditions and environment of the children’s home. Importance of such experience for little orphans can hardly be overestimated. Thank you very much for everything you have been doing for the children.

From the Teachers and Staff of the Children’s Home Minusinsk.