2014 Minusinsk Orphanage Greenhouse Project




In 2014, our volunteers in Siberia were contacted by the director of an orphanage in the town of Minusinsk which was home to orphaned children with hearing impairments as well to children who are considered “social orphans” in that their parents could not afford to provide adequate food, clothing, specialized education and shelter for them, so they were placed in this facility as a “boarding school.” The director was seeking assistance to repair an abandoned greenhouse on the state-owned property in order to provide some life and job skill training for the children by teaching them to grow flower and vegetable seedlings to be used at the orphanage and also to sell. We agreed to this worthwhile project and after the completion of the renovation and the first season of use, we received the following letter and photos:


Dear Michele and Wally,

I hasten to share with you the joy and immense gratitude for your compassion and kindness. I am thankful that she (Director of another orphanage in Minusinsk) allowed me to meet you. You have done a lot for children of that Minusinsk orphanage and have influenced their attitude towards life and people. Let me suggest that God was pleased that I did, and he allowed me to send their forces and capabilities for the benefit of children deprived of life even more than the children of the other orphanage. These are children with hearing disabilities. Among them are orphans and many children from disadvantaged families, for whom boarding school provides more than a family home. So I’d like to say they were comfortable in school, that they have acquired not only knowledge, but also the necessary skills to teach children to grow seedlings – flowers for decoration of the territory and vegetables for the school cafeteria. This will help them to successfully integrate into society and create their own families. Sending photos of the original state of abandoned greenhouses and today.

Yours very truly,
Lyudmila Kudryavtseva